Enjoy a low intro APR for 21 billing cycles!*

For a limited time, get our best rate: 0% intro APR* on purchases and balance transfers for 21 billing cycles. After that, the APR is variable, currently $.

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0% intro APR

For a limited time, get a special 0% introductory APR* on purchases and balance transfers for 21 billing cycles. After that the APR is variable, currently $.

Great benefits

Enjoy great benefits with no annual fee.

Your credit score

View your credit score anytime, anywhere in the mobile app or online banking. It's easy to enroll, easy to use and free to U.S.Bank customers.2

Additional benefits

Pay over time with a U.S. Bank ExtendPay® Plan.3

Receive a new cardmember $0 fee offer* on ExtendPay Plans opened in the first 60 days after account opening.3

Auto pay & due date choice

Avoid interest and late fees with automatic payments that put you in control. Pick a payment due date that works for your schedule.4

ID Navigator Powered by NortonLifeLock

Get tools to help keep you informed of threats that may affect your identity.5

Cell phone protection

Get up to $600 reimbursem*nt if your cell phone is stolen or damaged when you pay your monthly cell phone with your card.6

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Awarded Best 0% Intro APR and Balance Transfer Credit Card

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Balance transfer calculator

See how much you could save with a 0% balance transfer for 21 billing cycles.

Enter your estimated balance transfer amount and current APR.

Calculator assumes a minimum payment of either $40 or 1% of your new balance (whichever is greater) and a 30-day billing cycle.
This calculator is for illustrative purposes only.

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Frequently asked questions

U.S. Bank credit score requirements vary by product. In general, our credit card products are for established credit with a credit score in the good to excellent range.

The U.S.Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card typically offers our best and longest introductory APR offer on purchases and balance transfers.

There is no annual fee on the U.S.Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card.

U.S. Bank ExtendPay® Plans provide a payment option that allows you to divide eligible credit card purchases into affordable monthly payments with no interest* – just a fixed monthly fee.

If your credit card account is eligible for a U.S. Bank ExtendPay® Plan, you’ll receive a notification via email, or you’ll see ExtendPay Plan options when viewing your card account details or eligible transactions online. The only purchases eligible for an ExtendPay Plan are those that were made within 60 days prior to signing up for ExtendPay, are over $100, and are less than your purchase balance when you sign up for ExtendPay.

ExtendPay Plan eligibility may change based on your credit card account activity.

Looking for a credit card with different benefits?

Compare all credit cards.

Use our comparison tool to compare benefits like rewards, APR and welcome offers for up to three cards.

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Build or reestablish credit.

Build credit for the future with the U.S. Bank Secured Visa® Card.

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U.S. Bank may change APRs, fees and other account terms in the future based on your experience with U.S. Bank National Association and its affiliates as provided under the Cardmember Agreement and applicable law.

* The 0% introductory APR applies to purchases and is valid for the first 21 billing cycles. The 0% introductory APR applies to balance transfers made within 60 days of account opening and is valid for the first 21 billing cycles. The introductory rate does not apply to cash advances. Thereafter, the APR may vary. The current undiscounted variable APR for Purchases and Balance Transfers is $ based on your creditworthiness. The variable APR for Cash Advances is 29.99%. Cash Advance fee: 5% of each advance amount, $10 minimum. Convenience Check fee: 5% of each check amount, $5 minimum. Cash Equivalent fee: 5% of each cash amount, $10 minimum. Balance Transfer fee: 5% of each transfer amount, $5 minimum. There is a $1 minimum interest charge where interest is due. Annual fee: $0. Foreign Transaction fee: 3% of each foreign purchase transaction or foreign ATM advance transaction in U.S. Dollars. 3% of each foreign purchase transaction or foreign ATM advance transaction in a Foreign Currency. U.S. Bank ExtendPay® Fees: A monthly fee not to exceed 1.6% of the original principal amount in a U.S. Bank ExtendPay® Plan or U.S. Bank ExtendPay® Loan. This fixed fee is disclosed upon enrollment and charged each month that you owe the applicable ExtendPay balance. ExtendPay Fees are calculated based upon the original principal amount, Purchase APR, and other factors. When you make a payment, the amount up to your Minimum Payment is applied first to the monthly payment obligation for ExtendPay Plans and ExtendPay Loans if any, and then to non-Fixed Payment Program balances in the order of the lowest to highest APR. Any amount over your Minimum Payment is applied to balances in the order of highest to lowest APR.

† Balance Transfers transactions from other U.S. Bank National Association accounts are not permitted. You may cancel a balance transfer request within 10 days of account opening by calling 800-285-8585.

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  1. By clicking Apply, you authorize your wireless carrier to use or disclose information about your account and your wireless device, if available, to us or our service provider for the duration of your business relationship, solely to help us identify you or your wireless device and to prevent fraud. See our Privacy Policy for how we treat your data.

  2. Free credit score access, alerts and Score Simulator through TransUnion's CreditView Dashboard are available to U.S. Bank online and mobile banking customers only. Alerts require a TransUnion database match. It is possible that some enrolled members may not qualify for the alert functionality. The free VantageScore® credit score from TransUnion® is for educational purposes only and not used by U.S. Bank to make credit decisions.

  3. From time to time we may offer to you the benefit of our U.S. Bank ExtendPay® Plans, which allow you to pay off balances in fixed monthly payments over time and still avoid paying interest charges on new Purchases. You may designate up to 50% of your credit card line ($100 minimum) in eligible credit card purchases and pay in monthly installments with just a small fixed monthly fee. Only Purchase balances are eligible for ExtendPay Plans. Transactions identified as Advances or Balance Transfers (as defined in your Cardmember Agreement), and any interest or fees, including Annual Fee, do not apply. The only Purchases that will appear as "Eligible Purchases" in the enrollment process are Purchases that were made within 60 days prior to signing up for an ExtendPay Plan, are over $100, and are less than your Purchase balance when you sign up for an ExtendPay Plan. Any unpaid balance remaining on an ExtendPay Plan after the chosen pay-back period will be subject to the APR and minimum payment calculation for purchases outlined in the Cardmember Agreement.

  4. Not all payment due dates may be available. If approved, please call the number on the back of your card for further information.

  5. No one can prevent all cybercrime or all identity theft.

  6. Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply. In order for coverage to apply, you must pay your monthly cellular wireless bill with your Platinum Card. Please visit usbank.com/cellphoneprotection to view your Guide to Benefits and for further card benefit details including full terms and conditions.

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The creditor and issuer of this card is U.S. Bank National Association, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc., and the card is available to United States residents only.

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