Wack 100 Says Slain Rapper Nipsey Hussle 'Got What Was Coming To Him' (2024)

There's a saying that suggests rap is like wrestling: everything is fake. Fortunately — or fortunately, depending on your point of view — this hip hop manager has been making headlines because he uttered a very controversial statement about slain, and beloved, rapper Nipsey Hussle. So who is Wack 100, and what did he say?

Ermias Asghedom, known professionally as Nipsey Hussle, was a rapper that rose outof the so-called "New West Coast Guard." Originally coming to fame in the mid-2000s, Hussle remained mostly known to devoted fans of hip hop music until March 31, 2019, when he was gunned down outside of his Marathon Clothing Store in South Los Angeles. Two days later, his alleged shooter — Eric Holder — was arrested and charged with his murder. So far, no further progress has been made in the murder of Nipsey Hussle.


That, however, hasn't stopped Wack 100 from living up to his name and making wack comments about his murder.

But let's look at what we know about this guy. Sigh.

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1. He's a manager of a few hip hop acts.

There was a time, not so long ago — in fact, literally a week ago, week ago — when Wack 100 was just known as a hip hop manager.SOHH.comreports that in addition to managing the beleaguered rapper Blueface,he's best known for managing former G-Unit affiliate The Game, who recently announced that he plans to release his final album next month. Wack 100 even took to Instagram to share some behind-the-scenes footage from recording sessions, which you can see below.


2. Mike Tyson allegedly fought Wack 100.

For those who are, justifiably, upset about Wack 100's comments about Nipsey Hussle,The Rootis here to inform you that the "Racks in the Middle" emcee isn't the only one that Wack 100 has made snide comments about. In fact, in the past, Wack 100 made snide comments about Tupac Shakur, as well — so much so that Mike Tyson, AJAthe boxer best known as Iron Mike in his prime, allegedly knocked the living daylights out of him for his smart mouth. Welp!

3. He formed Cash Money Records West with Birdman.

Cash Money Records is best known as the label that initially launched the career of Lil'Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Drake. And, according toXXL Magazine, Wack 100 got together with Birdman to form the West Coast division of Cash Money Records, called — what else? — Cash Money West. Reportedly, Cash Money West got a $20 million developmental budget from Universal Music Group to find up-and-coming artists.


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4. Wack 100 has a long-standing feud with 40 Glocc.

Former G-Unit affiliate 40 Glocc has his own problemsright now, but according to another report forSOHH.com, prior to getting knocked for his role in a prostitution ring, he took frequent umbrage with Wack 100. (Wack 100 gave it right back to him in equal measure, but that's not the point.)

5. He also isn't sanguine about Tekashi 6ix9ine's legal issues, either.

Like 40 Glocc, Tekashi 6ix9ine has his own set of issues. And according toHot New Hip Hop, Wack 100 isn't a fan of his, either. In an Instagram post that has since been removed, Wack 100 used a whole assortment of nasty language (including hom*ophobic remarks which we will not reprint here) to describe what, exactly, will be happening to Tekashi 6ix9ine when he's sentenced in December 2019.

6. What did Wack 100 say about Nipsey Hussle?

According toHipHopDX, there's currently "leaked audio" that's making the Internet rounds, in which Wack 100 says, "sh*tty Cuz, the alleged gunman, when it comes to the rules of engagement of gang banging, he did what he was supposed to do when another gang banger calls you a f------t (hom*ophobic term for gay people), a pedophile or a snitch. You supposed to handle your business. And can’t nobody say that’s wrong.”


The leaked audio got so much heat, Wack 100 took to his own Instagram to address it in his usual classy fashion. Check it out below.

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Wack 100 Says Slain Rapper Nipsey Hussle 'Got What Was Coming To Him' (2024)
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