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Have an interest in different cultures, languages, or religions over time? Fascinated by how such differences bring an impact to human relationships in various settings? Then getting a degree in anthropology could be a good fit for you.

For starters, anthropology is a broad subject that can sometimes be hard to define. In the simplest terms, it is the study of human beings, history, and general knowledge about the world. Read on if you’re interested to know more about this subject! Without further ado, let’s look at the list of jobs with an anthropology degree.

1. Anthropologist

First on the list is none other than a career as an anthropologist. This career requires you to research, collect, and evaluate data of humankind. Most of the study revolves around human development and behaviors while others study and observe cultures in different geographical settings. Seeing the wide array of sectors that you could major in; this career brings many different opportunities. The average salary of an anthropologist is $57,794 in the United States.

2. Foreign Language Teacher

Taking a job as foreign language teachers one of the careers in anthropology you could pursue. It requires you to teach students to understand a certain language by writing and speaking. Graduating with an anthropology degree equips you with skills for this role as you would understand the cultural basis of the language being taught. As someone who appreciates foreign cultures, you’d find it easy to take on this job. Salary.com reports that foreign language teachers earn an average of $57,031 as of March 29, 2021.

3. Market Researcher

The next jobs you can get with an anthropology degree are market researchers. Your tasks range from planning, coordinating, and managing market research projects. At times, you’ll have to collect and analyze qualitative insights and pass them over to your clients. Before that, you’ll need to write reports and briefings of the findings. For market researchers in the United States, you will be earning an average pay of $57,032 with a salary span between $49,054 and $66,377.

4. Human Resource Representative

Careers in human resources (HR) are jobs you can get with an anthropology degree. Employers prefer someone with such degrees as HR representatives are responsible for everything that has to do with staff. A background in anthropology gives a good foundation to take on certain roles in HR. Since part of your program will be about understanding human behaviors, you’ll obtain a valuable skill set of how to work in groups. It’s a perfect step to improve and get an organization’s departments together. The average salary of a human resource representative in the States is $58,083 as of March 29, 2021.

5. Media Planner

What can you do with an anthropology degree? Work as a media planner! It’s a pretty fun job, to begin with. You’ll analyze the lifestyles and preferences of consumers to decide which platform an organization should invest in to convey a message. It could be in the form of traditional or online marketing, depending on the target audience. These anthropology major jobs entail you to communicate and collaborate closely with other colleagues in the team. Your first-hand comprehension of cultural knowledge will help you understand different consumer groups. This career enables you to earn an average of $56,613.

6. Sociologist

Becoming a sociologist requires you to have a thorough understanding of cultures and individuals. With an anthropology degree, you can understand how thoughts develop and why different people react differently. It’s an interesting career to pursue if you’re still thinking of what can you do with a degree in anthropology. Although getting a bachelor’s degree could get you a head start in the career, employers today would prefer someone with a master’s together with proper certifications. On average, you will be earning $47,065 a year living in the United States.

7. Historian

Like anthropologists, historians spend a lot of time learning about human history, making them great candidates for careers in anthropology. Historians will understand the critical aspect of research and communication as part of their work. What’s different is that historians tend to work on past events or topics. It will be your job to educate the public on historical events or places that had taken place previously. Besides that, you will also need to preserve historical items in their respective settings. These professional positions in the United States get you around $63,905 on average, topping the list of jobs with the highest salary.

8. Social media strategist

Making it to 8th on the list of jobs with an anthropology degree are social media strategists. Today’s workplace will hire a social media strategist to keep businesses afloat and maintain their online presence. You will be tasked with planning and executing social media campaigns with goals to increase conversion and attain more sales. An anthropologist undergraduate is able to use the communication and analysis skills learned in classes and apply them where needed. Needless to say, the study of culture enables you to understand your audience better. Many social media strategists in the United States earn from a range of $45,526 and $62,685.

9. Interpreter

As the name suggests, interpreters or translators translate languages between different groups of people. You will often need to use verbal and written forms of communication to succeed. As an anthropology graduate, you are able to use cultural knowledge to precisely translate communications into their respective languages. Since writing skills and verbal communication are taught in school, they will serve aspiring interpreters well later in the job. Those of you thinking of taking up these jobs will be earning an average amount of $46,813 as of March 29, 2021.

It’s pretty evident that you’ll have plenty of job opportunities upon graduating with an anthropology degree, so don’t you worry! Since this major can be used in a variety of organizations and occurrences, you don’t have to worry about job depletion because this scope of work hardly ever will.

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